20 April 2020
Now more than ever, during a time of severe global disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, solutions that redefine urban mobility are needed to make it safer, more sustainable and accessible for all. Promoting innovation in urban mobility to this effect, the European Edition of the Season 4 of the FIA Smart Cities Global Start-up Contest was held for the first time online, awarding Fluctuo, an independent third-party data aggregator specialised in shared-mobility services, as the winner.

Powered by start-up accelerator MassChallenge Switzerland, the FIA Smart Cities Global Start-up Contest selects promising start-ups and gives them a platform to grow by offering visibility to key mobility stakeholders from around the world, as well as unique networking opportunities.

Out of the 200 applications received for Season 4, 18 start-ups from three zones (the Americas, Europe and Asia) have been selected by the FIA to participate in the pitching phase of the contest. Last Thursday, the six start-ups selected for Europe had the opportunity to present their projects to a select international jury of Mobility experts (including representatives from Smart Cities Partners ABB, Acronis, Julius Bär, Formula E Holdings, as well as FIA Member Clubs AASA, ACI, ACP, ANWB, ASBL, ÖAMTC) on a video conference platform, allowing for interaction via Q&As, and networking.

Projects presented dealt with major challenges faced by cities to address safe, sustainable and accessible mobility. Projects included real-time data-sharing for multimodal transportation and environmental conditions, open horizontal IoT platforms, enhanced traffic data analytics tools, micro-mobility services, and incentive programmes for young driver training.

After deliberation, the jury selected the French start-up Fluctuo as the winner of the edition. Created in March 2019 in Paris, Fluctuo is a data aggregator specialised in shared-mobility services. It aims to help public stakeholders and private companies to make data-driven decisions on mobility services and infrastructure development thanks to its Data Flow API and City Dive dashboard. The Data Flow API gives customers access to real-time data from more than 90 shared-mobility operators such as the vehicle ID, type (bike/scooter/moped/car), provider, exact location, and battery level, amongst other parameters. The second product developed by the start-up, City Dive, is an analytics dashboard offering powerful data insights on the use of shared-mobility services in more than 28 European cities.

Visit Fluctuo’s website to learn more.