3 June 2020
start-up contest, smart cities, asian edition, aurassure
The Asian Edition of the FIA Smart Cities Global Start-Up Contest Season 4 awarded Aurassure, an IoT-enabled intelligent system that collects and analyses environmental factors through real-time data.

The Asian edition of the contest, powered by start-up accelerator MassChallenge Switzerland and held online, saw six finalists from this geographical zone pitch to ten Mobility experts, coming from FIA Smart Cities Partners (Julius Bär, Formula E Holdings) and FIA Member Clubs (AASA, AIP Foundation, ASBL, ACI, ÖAMTC). The contest also welcomed observers from ABB and Autoklub Slovakia Assistance.

The contest aims to identify disruptive and innovative solutions to address the main challenges cities are facing in the field of sustainable urban mobility. The six finalists demonstrated their ability to drive change with their products and services, with offers including sensors for autonomous vehicles, solutions for waste management, docking stations for shared electric scooters, and a platform for connected car commerce, among others.

As the necessity to reduce pollution, diversify the energy mix and fight climate change has become increasingly urgent, the Indian start-up Aurassure – who provides governments and citizens with real-time data in order to help frame effective policies to tackle these global environmental issues – was chosen as the winner of the Asian edition. Aurassure’s project relies on IoT-enabled monitoring of various environmental gases, dust and weather parameters thanks to devices which are deployed around vital points of the city, such as traffic posts, hospitals, schools, malls, hotels, community centers, and parks. The acquired data is then transmitted to a centralised cloud platform and can be visualised in real-time, through an interactive web and mobile application. The app is publicly available for city dwellers, which enables them to visualise the pollution around them to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

For more information, visit Aurassure’s website.

Start-ups and Jury Members took part in a networking session at the end of the contest to further connect and explore potential collaborations.

The Asian edition was the second edition of this year’s contest, starring 18 finalists selected from three geographical zones (Europe, the Americas and Asia). The last edition for the Americas will take place in July.