FE Drivers Promote Road Safety and New Forms of Mobility

9 June 2017
Side events
FE Drivers Promote Road Safety and New Forms of Mobility
Yesterday, Nick Heidfeld and Sébastien Buemi actively supported CycleRAP and Carvelo2go, two projects on deployment of electric cycling in cities, implemented by the European FIA Member Clubs.

Safer cycling infrastructure enhances the quality of broader urban mobility systems..

The CycleRAP project, currently being developed by the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB, together with SWOV (the Dutch National Road Safety Institute) and EuroRAP, aims at assessing the safety of infrastructure by providing data on a large number of road features that pose measurable hazards to safe cycling. The results of a six-month pilot on the bicycle paths and lanes along Amsterdam’s main city centre roads are currently being analysed. 

During the FIA Smart Cities Side Event in Berlin, Nick Heidfeld got involved in the data collection process by riding a bicycle equipped with cameras that are set to monitor surroundings, road surfaces and intersections. To express his support for the project, he declared, “CycleRAP is a very important matter. We need to improve road safety for cyclists. We see more cyclists because of congestion everywhere and infrastructure is not there yet. With this system, hopefully we can achieve that.”

Another FE Star, Sebastien Buemi, took part in the FIA Smart Cities Forum Side Event, testing Carvelo2go, the world’s first public eCargo-Bikesharing system launched in Switzerland by the TCS Mobility Academy. Today, more than 1000 users are registered and can reserve online one of the 40 cargo bikes available in local shops such as bakeries, pharmacies, bookshops or bars, in Berne and Basel. Cargo bikes became a real life example of increasing efficiency, safety and comfort of bike riding. To promote this trend, Sebastien Buemi said, “I’m really happy to get the opportunity to try this cargo bike. I think electric mobility is not only about cars, it is also about bikes. Cargo bikes are a perfect example. You can transport goods, your kids, and travel around the city. That’s really the future of electric bikes in the city."